Terms of Service

These Terms of Service apply to your use of this software, OpenHosting, all its content and all associated services including, but not limited to, the website, the live chat and the gaming experience. If you login, play, or use the website, you accept these Terms of Service. If you do not agree with these Terms of Service, please do not use our services.

Rules to follow during the game

There must be some rules in order to enjoy playing the most and to protect other players from unfounded attacks.

If you do not agree with these rules, please do not use our services, otherwise we reserve the right to penalize your account and deny access to the site and our bot. 

  • It is forbidden to insult, curse, racial insults, use abusive language, hate speech and condemn the other players that are ignorant, stupid, or newcomers and so on... Any violation of this rule may result in the use of the command "mute" with warning. After one or more warnings, the player may be penalized and be banned. To use harsh words or insults admins player can be kicked from the game, even banned.
  • Fountain farm is strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule, the player will be banned for a few days , or at the discretion of the administrator.
  • For the use of any additional software or programs that enable you to view the entire map (known as map hack), the player will be permanently banned and removed from the server. 
  • If the player has certain privileges in any way (donation, a payment), such as reserved slots, adding to a "safe list" etc, OpenHosting reserve the right to remove a player privileges and from the server, if he violate any of these rules, non-refundable. All players have the same rights.
  • Leave the game before the end is not allowed (includes Plug Pulling). For violation of this rule, the player will be banned for a few days, or at the discretion of the administrator. Also, our system can recognize that you left the game before the end in any time and we always have a list of such players, so that player can get a ban later.


Other rules of the game that should be followed:

- Prohibited excessive AFK-ing / AFK Timer resetting - 5-7 days ban

- AFK-ing for multiple periods of times to the point where it negatively impacts the game - 5-7 days ban

- Feed heroes on purpose - 5 days ban

Abusing share control - 3-5 days ban

Intentionally spamming ( includes Pause/Save Game to hinder game play ) - 5-7 days ban


The constant violation of the above rules, a player can get a permanent ban.

Administrators, moderators and staff will never ask for your password for your account. Also, do not ask the administrator to give you or reset your password, but use the password reset form.


We reserve the right to remove your information and statistics from the server without prior notice, and we are not responsible if your data in any way removed or deleted from the server.